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Mask FAQs

Congratulations on ordering your NEU Gaming face mask powered by BioSmart antimicrobial technology! 

Below are instructions on how to properly use and care for your new mask.

BioSmart™ is a patented Milliken technology that binds chlorine bleach from the wash cycle to the surface of the fabric. Products with BioSmart technology must be washed with an EPA-registered chlorine bleach* to charge the fabric prior to each use. BioSmart technology is durable up to 75 launderings.

For home laundering, the initial charge procedure and the recharge (maintenance) procedure for BioSmart™ are the same, except that detergent is not required in the initial charge wash. In each case, EPA-registered chlorine bleach must be used.

• All EPA-registered bleach products have instructions for laundry sanitization on the label. Most of them indicate that the proper concentration is 1/2 cup per standard home washing machine load. Some of the bleach products may vary in concentration and recommend a different level, so please check the label of the bleach that you are using. Do not use color-safe bleach.

• Use a regular laundry cycle and be sure to include the rinse step. Failure to rinse the fabric can result in local concentrations of chlorine bleach that may cause irritation to sensitive individuals. After the rinse, you may not be able to smell a bleach odor, but the chlorine bleach is still bound to the fabric.

• Detergent is not required for the initial charge but should be used for all maintenance washes along with the EPA-registered chlorine bleach.

• The fabric can be dried in any manner (tumble drier, line dry, etc.) without affecting the performance. • BioSmart is engineered to recharge when laundered with an EPA-registered chlorine bleach.* The technology is durable up to 75 launderings.


Q: Do BioSmart Mask need to be charged in order to work?

A: Yes, BioSmart Mask are supplied “uncharged” and must be laundered with a chlorine bleach in order to have antimicrobial properties.


Q: How is BioSmart charged?

A: BioSmart technology must be washed initially using chlorine bleach to charge the fabric. Every wash cycle must include chlorine bleach to recharge the fabric and maintain its antimicrobial activity.


Q: How long does the antimicrobial technology last with each charge?

A: Once charged the antimicrobial technology will stay charged for up to 12-weeks. Your mask should always be washed with non-color safe chlorine bleach after every use in order to properly recharge the BioSmart antimicrobial technology.


Q: Will BioSmart technology work with peroxide bleach?

A: No, BioSmart requires chlorine bleach. The chemistry does not bind to peroxide. Washing with peroxide will not harm BioSmart fabrics, but there will be no residual antimicrobial effect.


Q: Can I use color safe bleach?

A: No, chlorine bleach must be used. The fabric is designed to work with chlorine bleach. Minimal fading will occur over time.


Q: Are BioSmart face mask hazardous to breathe?

A: No, the chemistry is not hazardous and is bound to the fabric. After charging according to instructions, the amount of chlorine that could be released is well below established exposure risk levels.


Q: Can BioSmart mask be put into the dryer?

A: BioSmart technology can be dried according to any commercial method without harming the durability of the technology.


These masks have NOT been FDA tested and NEU's make is no implied warranty of use or any guarantee of any kind. We recommend following the CDC guidance for the proper use of reusable masks and other related COVID-19 preventative measures. Due to the customization and nature of the product all sales are final.